• Marek Husovský

Measure ring twice, put it on once

Which ring size is correct?

It´s tough question. When somebody ask you: "What´s your ring size?" We usually don´t know the answer. And you know what? The ring size is pretty important thing to know, when you´re deciding to buy one. So what is the best way to don´t have ring which will slide down your finger or stay on finger forever?

As you know there are few methods of measuring fingers. There are simple ones or exciting ones.


1. The Boring One

One of these simple methods is to contact me and I will measure your finger with the precision of jewelery tools.

2. The Math One

With the help of some ruler, try to measure ring which fits on your finger from inside using radius or diameter of the ring. Then remember (or Google) formula for circumference of a circle. You´right! It is "2πr", where "r" represents the radius of the circle and "π" is numeral value, which is closer approximation of 3,14. When you measured diameter, the formula will be "dπ". If your number is for example 17mm, the circumference of your ring is rounded to 53. Don´t be afraid of a word "rounded" which i used. Sizes in range plus/minus 2 are simple to resize. (so in case your ring size isn´t 53 but 51 to 55, it is piece of cake to resize it). Sizes in range more/less then two are more difficult to resize. Especially, rings with lot of gemstones (in this case it is ring-life-threatening situation).

3. The Ribbon One

Jewelry stores also sell special stripe with printed millimeter ruler on it. So you jus put the stripe on and tide it to your finger, read number and that´s it! You can also do it at home, with ribbon (or thread, or twine). Take ribbon, wrap it around your finger and note the place where ribbon cross rom the both sides. With help of ruler you will know which ring size is best for your finger.

These simple methods are working good, when you want to know your ring size. But what if you want to suprise someone? Is there mathod to help you do it in secret?

The "Iwanttoknowsecretlymeasurefingersofmylovedones" land

Do you wanna know? Are you sure? Ok. So, lets start with the exciting part of our journey to "iwanttoknowsecretlymeasurefingersofmylovedones" land

1. The "It´s all about questions" method

Sometimes, maybe, it´s not bad to ask simple question. But whati if we are trying too hard just for not to reveal the secret and instead of surprise, ther will be weird dissapointment at the end. You can always ask, family or firends for help.

2. The "Stealing of the ring, but just for few minutes" method

I guess, you know what this method is about. It´s much exciting that methods before. All you need is secretly "steal" ring from jewel-case, retrace it on paper, visit me and I will tell yout that "lucky number". Or you can use "math" method to get this number. As I said before, it is piece of cake.

3. The "Sleeping beauty" method

I like this one. This is the most exciting method of measuring the ring size. Your job is to measure finger of your loved one while she/he is sleeping, with the help of ribbon, thread or twine. Than you can just use The Ribbon method to get the right size. Don´t forget about the kiss!

4. The "Where is finger" method

The last one is based on finding someone who has simillar finger size as your beloved. This method is common and easy. And you know that the rings can be resized in range plus/minus 2.

So, at the and of our journey to "iwanttoknowsecretlymeasurefingersofmylovedones" land I would like to get few general informations about ring sizes and measuring. Size fo fingers depends on tempreture. In hot weather, fingers are thicker than in cold weather. I reccommend to measure fingers in room tempreture of 20°C. If you want thicker ring, choose +1 size of the ring.

Good luck and remember: Size of ring doesn´t matter. One thing that matters is size of human heart.