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Because God can do everything if we want!

Magnificat is a collection created as a collaboration between two brothers. Marek Husovský (an artistic jeweler) and his younger brother Martin Husovský

(an acclaimed composer).

The result is an interactive work. Jewelry that sings a song just for you. Always new, always original. But there is one catch - you have to touch two things at once. Just like this collection - it's a whisper of two artistic souls...


It’s December8. 


A woman walking in the streets. She is alone. She is walking forward.


Surrounded by a fast stream of passing by people she is washed from to side. She keeps her pace. Sometimes she slows down, looks at the sky. When she focuses, she sees fine flakes drifted by the wind high above the buildings and roofs. She closes her eyes and waits to see if any of the flakes land on her face. She inhales scents. It spreads peace. She smiles and walks on again. It's freezing outside. A woman needs to warm her hands. She rubs her palms against each other and her hands gently squeal. She stuffs them into her pockets.


She experiences deep peace and joy. How little we know about people at a glance.




The woman has a secret. Small as a nut.




A secret beyond her. One that fills. One that makes her soul sing and dance. Her heart beats for two. Inhale and exhale. Every second. Millions of cells. Perfect beauty hidden in warmth. In a woman's womb. The greatest wonder of the world. The whole universe in one point.




Because God can do everything if we want!

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