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Blooming heart

The same thing happens to me every spring. I am endlessly looking forward to when the leaves on the trees will finally open. I observe one branch directly from the bedroom. For me, spring is also the time of my wedding anniversary. So beautiful memories.

Fragrant flowers, green nature and lovers at every step. Sometimes I smile when I pass some pairs. Spring. The time when our hearts bloom!

When we arranged a joint photo shoot with Svadba magazine, I was very happy. It's a group of super people who have still managed to conjure up a breathtaking photo editorial. I wasn't afraid of anything. I was really just looking forward to it.

A few minutes before arriving at the agreed photo location, I received an unobtrusive text message with instructions that the photo location was being moved a few kilometers away, to an outdoor environment.

I said to myself, ok. It's colder than I expected, but fine. It's worth it for a beautiful photo! Another surprise came when I was told at the photo shoot that the model would have dreadlocks. I almost fainted!

Well, when I look at the result now, I have to say that every woman in love is beautiful. She has a fantastic inner light that springs from the certainty that someone is caring for her fragile heart. Women in love are beautiful in themselves.

A perfect wedding dress, full of arms of live flowers and a pair of eyes that mainly follow her! And with bated breath.

So are you, my beloved brides. Beautiful! Beautiful with its inner simplicity, purity and love radiating far away. offers you a piece of beauty materialized in precious metal so that it can become a symbol of love. At the same time, we believe that you will wear our jewelry every day and thanks to it you will be more complete. By itself. We believe that if you put them on, they will become the noisy song of your joyful soul.

Dear brides, I wish you much love! Always and forever...


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