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Garden of Eden

It is calm late summer morning. The children are already in school. The world has slowed down. Everything around smells pleasant. I park the car in the urban area. After a few steps I find myself in another world. Suddenly I'm standing in the middle of a garden that has miraculously erased all the happenings of the surrounding world.

I tis quiet here. All of my senses came alive. I hear a bumblebee and the dynamic steps of a pet dog running around.

After a short while the landlady Františka welcomes me. She is a bit shy. A little unsure. For today she promised us to take photos of our jewellery in her garden. However, the home environment gives her courage, and after a few test shots, we have the first beautiful photos ready.

We move from one side of this oasis to other secret places to capture beautiful shots of the space, the women in it and the jewellery that is in the mail role today.

Františka talks about how fantastic it is to reach a point in your life when you realize that you no longer need anything material. Whoever finds true values will never give them up.

Looking at the finished series of photos, I have to say that jewellery that matches the soul can perfectly illuminate the whole personality.

Our dear readers, become torches of happiness and a light of peace and hope for the people around you!

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