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We recently realized that winter is somewhere in the middle of its reign these days. Christmas is upon us and this word will be taboo until next December. Okay, it's like this every year.

But what can we look forward to in these winter months, when darkness still surprises us too early every day and energy is spent more than we would like?

For us, relaxing afternoons and beautiful evenings have become the perfect charger, when we purposefully try to create a beautiful environment for ourselves to relax with a delicious cup of tea or a great espresso in hand.

In these weeks, we were approached by the idea that harmony is something that we have deep within us. Something we can reach in silence and peace. And then it radiates beautifully from us. For us at, of course, it connects with our jewelry, which is a fantastic point to underline the mood. Something that makes us happy every time we look at them. They really are jewelry that wants to grow with the owner. First of all, please him and radiate harmony and peace to the surroundings.

We invited the beautiful Veronika Husovská to the Poetika cafe in Prešov and I think we found the perfect balance.


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