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Wedding Rings

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Why you should buy wedding rings?

Every Millenial cannot imagine life without smartphones and in the same way we can not imagine weddings without wedding rings exchange ceremony. Did you know that tradition of wearing wedding rings as we know it, wasn´t part of our society till World War II?

Through the years, circle was always inspiring for humankind. You can´t determine begining and ending of the circle, neverthless circle has it´s limits. That´s why ring was honoured to be “ending” symbol of something endless. Besides that ring is some kind of “keyhole” and through it people let each other to their lives.

From Egypt to us

In fact, there is no surprise that in Ancient Egypt 3000 years ago ring became symbol of the marriage. And this is the place where we can find predecessor of today wedding band. Wedding rings of that days lovers exchanged was made from common goods and crops that surrounded Nile - canes, grass, cannabis twine, etc. These materials was not very durable, and people logically started to use materials like bones, ivory or leather. This tradition we can see later in Ancient Rome, but in the more personal way - by engraving portrait or name of the person. And this tradition was used also in Byzantine empire and later in our history.

Wedding bands and The Church

At first, the tradition of exchanging rings was for the Church looked like just one of the pagan customs. This look has changed in 9th century and the Church accepted wedding rings in their weddings and when pope Inocent III in 13th century published edict about morals of engaged couple, the engagement rings became very popular. After all, it symbolized promise about future wedding. First, who came with engagement ceremony, was in 14th century Greek Catholic Orthodox Church.

Love, payment, control

Wedding ring was not always and only symbol of “till your and mine death” love. In Ancient Egypt it meant also “the payment” for the bride to hers father. For the bride it was the sign, that her husband is giving her everything he own and he trust her and she will be able to take care of it. In the Middle East it was one way of controlling wife by her husband who was away for a long time because it was made from the material that fell apart after getting it down. This kind of ring could be fixed only by a husband.

Fingers and hands

There was always a question in history, that everybody asked: On which finger we should wear our wedding rings? Ancient Egyptians wore wedding rings on the left ring finger because they believed that its vein lead directly to their heart. In the other nations, people “moved” wedding ring from the ring finger to index finger because of different myths and also because of myths some people didn´t use left hand for wearing of the ring at all. In jewish culture, wedding ring was worn on thumb. Left hand was used less often than right hand, so the risk of damage of wedding ring was not high. Nowadays, there is no strict rule about which hand should be more prestige in the wearing of the wedding ring.

From rules to freedom

Look and shape of the wedding ring had the same story. Every culture by the time, had answer for question about material and look of wedding rings. There are few special rings in history, for example French ring named Gimmel, which was a special wedding ring made from two parts. Engaged couple wore it until the wedding ceremony, where these two rings was put together to one ring and this ring was given to the bride.

Wedding rings was not always in the shape of circle. For example, in jewish history we can find wedding ring in the shape of the roof of Jewish temple.

We can see more freedom in todays “fashion” of wedding rings. There are no rules, no same shape, same material, no traditional smooth white gold. For many people these rings are too plain.

And what kind of wedding rings are made by specialze in wedding rings with your own presonal story. Our hand-crafted rings are one of kind, so there is no other ring in the world that will look like your personalized ring.

Before the ring is “born”, we always try to meet with customers, write their ideas, what they like, what symbolize them etc.That´s why it take a time to come with idea and design. Our wedding rings are 100% art, so we are trying to “frame” person to the ring. There is no machine, no computer, no software. We use artisan gold-smith techniques to create objects of real value. realize that wedding ring is something special. It is important piece of art for important person. That´s why it deserve lot of care, accuracy and “spoiling.”


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