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From aha to ha ha

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Every writer in the beginning of his career said: "I don´t read books, because it could affect my style of writing". No jokes, but this way, chef in restaurant would probably die from hunger. I´m different. I like to be affected by things around me. Everything inspires me.

Inspiration can be for example piece of wire bend to "perfect shape" or work of other jewelers. I know what do you think, but... It´s not about stealing the idea of jewel. It´s about asthonishing work of others. How they see jewelry, work and whole world.

Three interjections

Russian physicist Nalimov said that, there are three states of minde, which help you free your mind and discover the truth. These states of mind are explaind by three interjections: AHA - when I understand a problem , WOW - when I stay speechless in awe of Mystery and HA-HA - when I understand a joke. All these interjectoins are mixed together when I´m inspired by art work of others. People alway learn something new (aha), stay in wonder (wow) and laugh on themselves because they don´t know how they could´t see it before, when it was so easy.

People around me

Siloe Jewelry it´s not just about me, There are many others who helped me to make my dream come true. For example Jozef Kehl and František Valíček. I focus on making unique pure jewelry and they focus on all important things to make Siloe Jewelry synonym of love to nature and pure raw jewelry. And I´m thankful for their work.

Marek Husovský

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