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Jewelry you have hands in

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Michelangelo saw statue of David in "discarded" stone. As Michelangelo, we can also see the art in everything. In a fallen leaf on the wet road, in paint accedently spilled on the floor or in fern soaked in small mountain stream. Maybe you could tell: "It´s nothing new", but the point is that every moment, every second is unique.

Constant unique, differene and the incredible truth that there are nohing like two exactly same things in this world. All this things are pushing me to create raw jewelry, which hasn´t been printed on 3D printer, or made by machines like yellow rubber duckies. Human being is unique, every person is orginal at it´s best and

that´s why all of my natural jewelry were made for specific of client.

So if you like my work, let me know. We can talk about your ideas, thoughts, about you or preson who you want to be gifted, about materials, I will make notes and sketch. After that i will design the first idea of your jewel. This is first step of many many ohter we have to make to reach our goal, final product. This is it. This is jewelry art. It takes me 5 or 6 weeks to make a product, because, as you have read, every jewel is unique. That means, all of my work is made in artisan goldsmith techniques, where i am creating raw jewelry to bring natural jewelry art to your life.

At the end of this process I will wait for your opinion, so if everything will be OK, box with your custom piece of jewelry art.

Apropos, about price. As you know, these are unique pieces of raw jewelery. Also these unique pieces have its specific prices, which can form 100 to 10000 dollars. But as always we´ll talk about amount at first and we´ll find best way for both sides.

Welcome to home of pure jewelry. Welcome to Siloe.

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